Fairfax County Health Department Handles Covid-19 Business Complaints
09/07/2020 03:49 PM

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) has received more than 26,000 complaints specific to Executive Orders 63 and 67. Of these, approximately 1,100 have been identified within the Fairfax Health District.


Consistent with VDH guidelines, the Fairfax County Health Department has taken an educational-based enforcement approach towards these complaints. They initially contact the facilities by phone to make them aware of the complaint and to reinforce the requirements of the Executive Orders.


After receiving multiple valid complaints concerning the same establishment, the Health Department attempts a site visit to monitor compliance. If the business is permitted by the Health Department, they will explain that lack of compliance to the Executive Orders could put their permit in jeopardy.


In general, there has been good compliance, and very few of the complaints are for the same business. The Fairfax County Health Department reports that the number of complaints has decreased in the last few weeks.

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